Superior 3D visualisation solutions

Are you looking for a top-quality VR walkthrough, 3D visualisation or a 3D floor plan for your upcoming real estate project? BVRIK’s superior visualization solutions will immerse your clients in the world of 3D rendering, 3D virtual tours and VR walkthroughs, giving them an accurate real-life digital perspective of your unique real estate project.

Our visualisation solutions will help you offer your clients a tour of every floor model and will allow you to present every possible upgrade option in live 3D.

Our Visualisation Solutions


AR Development

Captivate, inspire and educate your audience by creating dynamic applications. We will help you utilise the power of digital technology to bring interactive 3D visualisation solutions to life using augmented reality.


VR Walkthrough

We use our cutting-edge immersive technology solution to transform your CAD designs into a realistic virtual model with depth and richness. Buyers can examine several designs with specifics on surface treatments, furnishings, appliances, flooring, doors, windows and more.


Exterior 3D Renderings

3D renderings are ideal for home builders, architects, real estate agents and property developers who wish to showcase the exterior of any property and its surroundings. Your clients will be able to see the property and make required modifications to the structure and design.


Interior 3D Renderings

Our 3D Renderings for interiors comprise lifelike representations of all interior structures, rooms and corridors including furniture, painting, décor, home appliances, and other major details. This enables an accurate and complete representation of the property's interiors.


Product 3D Renderings

We create virtual models of your products to help your consumers visualise them utilising lifelike renditions and effects. It's also an economical approach to create virtual prototypes of any new product, which can help you test issues like its general design and shape before launching it.


3D Floor Plans

3D Floor Plans are perfect for architects and property developers who want to add depth and detail to their 2D drawings. This helps prospective buyers to visualise the property's spatial layout.


360° Photos and Videos

We are experts at creating high-quality 360° videos and photos that you can use in VR and AR applications as well as web-based tours.


3D Virtual Tours

Your potential buyers will have an engaging virtual experience with our premium 3D Virtual Tours, giving them a genuine sense of the property. This provides for a greater understanding of the many design features and unique aspects of the home, including the exteriors and interiors.

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At BVRIK, our 3D models not only showcase the hallmarks of your design but also enable you to examine each detail, allowing you to plan any required modifications before beginning the building process. These 3D renderings are also a great sales and marketing tool for residential and commercial construction projects.

BVRIK is powered by the Appearition Platform which provides a flexible and scalable solution to deliver your customers a truly immersive buying experience.


Mobile App

Present your property listings in a convenient, easy to manage mobile app that allows customers to browse different properties, select floor plans and explore details of the property.

360° Viewer

The 360 Viewer within the Mobile app allows customers to easily explore the property from their mobile device and interact with key Point of Interest (POI) features or optionally as integrated solution within a real-estate web portal.


VR Immersive Walkthrough

Nothing beats a physical walkthrough but sometimes this isn’t possible if the property is “off the plan” or the customer is unable to visit the property, so the next best thing is a Virtual Walkthrough.


View Couch in 3D

Scan the QR code to view a sample augmented reality experience and see if the couch fits perfectly in your living room


About Us

BVRIK is a specialist division of visualisation company Appearition, with expertise in development of augmented reality and virtual reality applications, 3D rendering, 3D floor plans and virtual tours, 360°photos and videos, VR/AR-enabled training solutions and more. We are passionate about enabling our customers’ success by bringing their designs and blueprints to life with high quality visualisation solutions to standout from the rest.

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